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Is it taking for-eeever to write a book?

I’m sharing the love (and my secret weapon on staying motivated)!

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I ‘ M   O N   A   M I S S I O N !


We are a tribe of thriving, uplifting women, who know that

when one of us rises, we all rise!


We know our voices have value.


We believe in ourselves and each other.

We make a difference in our lives through our words, our actions, and our writing.



Our goal is to see more female-driven stories and authors published, on bookshelves, and in theaters,

for the benefit of our tribe, ourselves, and our future generations.

I’m a Writer and Writing Coach for brave-hearted women with a passion to create their empowering stories, boldly share your voice, and experience the exhilarating freedom that comes from aligning with your soul’s purpose.

My expertise is writing and inspiring others to develop their stories faster, more focused, and have fun while creating advanced drafts that are on fire the first time (until the last draft).

I’m award-winning writer, writer-in-residence at Weymouth Center, home of  the North Carolina Literary Hall of Fame, author of The Adventures of Iona Fay series (5 Stars on Amazon), who has written four book, 13 scripts, taught 2,000+ students and been featured in publications, including Cosmopolitan, PineStraw magazine, The Pilot newspaper, Pinehurst Living, and more.

I’m a mama bear, wanderluster, and reiki master, who spends time my writing stories while traveling the world, raising my wily child, and spreading good vibes (and lots of love) everywhere adventure takes us.

Are you ready for my writing


Motivational BFF that has me

excited  every time I write?




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to write each day.




W O R K   W I T H   M E !

Find out just how FUN and ON FIRE your story can be




“The most impactful writing workshop I have ever attended.”


I had the pleasure of attending one of Gayvin’s writing workshops. It was the most impactful writing workshop I have ever attended. She has a gift for diving into deep feelings with compassion and understanding, allowing me to open up with my writing in ways I have not experienced in years. It has been a few months since this workshop, I still find myself reflecting on that day and using the tools regularly.


– Dawn A., Monterey, CA

“Every one of your students would be lucky to be in a classroom she leads.”

She has been, in the years I’ve known her and worked with her, a very good writer and a very good reader.  Every one of your students would be lucky to be in a classroom she leads.

– Dan Vining, Author, Screenwriter, & Prof. at UCLA Extention, Los Angeles, CA

“I never thought of doing it like this, it makes so much sense now!”

I really like how the course is broken down into practical exercises that help generate story ideas. It was great for someone like me who doesn’t have a formal background in writing…I have never approached generating a story in this way and it was quite helpful. I especially enjoyed the brainstorming chart. For me, this was a great way to get some ideas out on paper in an organized way, and actually apply them toward writing a story I love…I learned why research is so important to the story! I had never thought of doing it like this, but it makes so much sense now!

Mei-Li R, San Francisco, CA

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